The Find My Phone feature on Samsung smartphones can help you find your lost phone if it's logged in with your Samsung account, but what if it's offline?

According to X.D.A programmer Max Weinbach, Samsung has added a new feature to Find My Phone, which allows the use of other nearby people's Galaxy devices to identify a lost phone, even if the device is offline.

Following the screenshot shared by Weinbach, this offline tracking feature is enabled by visiting the “Offline finding” section and turning on the switch at the top of the page.

According to Samsung, "This will allow your phone to be found by other people's Galaxy devices even if it is not connected to the network. It will also allow your phone to be used to scan the device. if the lost Galaxy is nearby. You can also find watches and headphones if this is the last device they connected to."

In other words, if your lost phone is offline, it will still show up on another Galaxy owner's phone if it's nearby. And that means if someone else has a lost Galaxy phone and is offline, it will show up on your phone if the lost device is near you. However, Samsung did not specify which technology the feature uses to function.

It is not clear which machines will be updated, but some users share on Reddit that even old, non-flagship devices such as A10e, A71 5g, S10e, ... are still up to date. Try to check if your device is available.


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