A 21-year-old Indian IT student committed suicide, allegedly for being unable to play PUBG Mobile after the ban

A mid escalating border tensions between the two countries, India has banned applications developed by China to remove all related to China from its home country.

The first ban included some apps like TikTok that was removed from Google Play in India. A few days ago, bad news came to the PUBG Mobile community in India when the government put PUBG Mobile on the list to ban Chinese apps for the second time. PUBG Mobile is now officially removed from Google Play in India.

The PUBG Mobile ban came as no surprise as a July report showed that India was considering imposing a ban on mobile games owned by Tencent, along with several other apps developed by China.

This ban has a huge effect on PUBG Mobile developer Tencent because the country accounts for the largest share of PUBG Mobile players in the world with more than 175 million players. In total, the Indian government has banned more than 188 apps from China such as PUBG Mobile, PUBG Mobile Lite, WeChat, APUS Launcher and Rules of Survival.

However, no one would have expected that the ban could cause the death of a 21-year-old information technology student named Pritam Halder who lives in the Nadia district of West Bengal, India.

Pritam Halder's body was found hanging from the ceiling by his family on Friday morning, just days after the PUBG Mobile ban in India took effect. Pritam Halder's mother, Ratna, tried to call her son to lunch, but his room was locked from the inside.

The mother tried to call Pritam Halder and pounded on the door repeatedly but got no response. Then the mother called the neighbors to help break the door and what they saw was Pritam Halder hanging from the ceiling fan.

"When I came to call him for lunch, his room was locked from the inside. After several strong bangs when he didn't open the door, I called a neighbor. They broke into the room and found her hanging from a ceiling fan , "the mother said.

The mother believes that the reason Pritam Halder committed suicide was due to the recent PUBG Mobile ban that prevented him from playing games. "He used to play games at night. I thought he committed suicide because he couldn't play PUBG ," the mother said.

The police also spoke to Pritam Halder's family members, and they all have similar thoughts. Pritam Halder's father is a retired soldier and his mother is a housewife.


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