The iOS 13.7 brings it to us. iOS 3.7 update developed to help with that pandemic, Covid-19. when your body comes into close contact with others.
iOS 13.7 Recent Update (Image- Geeky-Gadgets)
Amazing, now we do not need to download any app for COVID-19 Security Check, The iOS 13.7 brings it to us. iOS 3.7 update developed to help with that pandemic, Covid-19.

With this update, if you select to opt-in, your phone running a process, in the background, to get a notification when your body comes into close contact with others. In case, later tests positive for Coronavirus, your phone will tell you.

iOS 14 rollout is just across the corner but Apple has determined to squeeze in yet another update (for now) - the iOS 13.7. This update brings in the Covid-19 upgrade, In case you choose to opt-in for the Covid-19 Exposure Notification Express, your handset can take note when you come in contact with others and let you know if anybody you've got come in contact with tests positive.

The Covid-19 Exposure Notification is the first addition within the new update. When Google and Apple build the API for Covid-19 exposure tracing, it needed customers to download the appropriate app from the well-being(health) authority in their nation. The API was rolled out with iOS 13.5.

What's New in iOS 13.7 Update?

With iOS 13.7, in case you opt-in for the notifications, the iPhone can decide when you find yourself less than six feet away from others by your phones swapping encrypted tokens.

The system then sends out Bluetooth beacons and listens for them but it no longer needs an app for this. If anybody you got here in contact with tests positive later, you will be notified.

For so long, customers needed an app to make sure any advantages out of the notifications. The brand new update puts the Exposure Notification Specific capability into iOS itself.

“It will provide simpler deployment of regional exposure notifications by Public Health Authorities, without the need to develop or maintain a custom app,” as Forbes explains.

How Apple and Google's New Covid-19 Exposure Notifications work

In case you wouldn't have an official public health authority app downloaded and installed, the Operating system will prompt you to install it and advise on the next steps that have to be taken.

You can use the app to report if you're identified yourself and with your consent your beacons might be added to the positive diagnosis list. Your identification won't be shared with anybody.

Get Latest iOS 13.7 Update in Simple Steps

  • Go to your Settings.
  • Click on on ‘Basic’. Then click on ‘Software Update’.
  • The brand new iOS 13.7 update must be seen to you. Download and Install it.
NOTE- The Covid-19 Exposure Notification Express is not available in Android yet(in-built ) but, Android users can also get this feature soon, maybe follow later this month.


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