Now we can customize/edit self-captured pictures on our smartphone with the help of Best 5 Photo Editing applications. || Free photo editing apps for android 2020 || Latest Photo Editing Apps For Android 2020
Best Photo Editing Apps
Advanced photo editing utilities were once limited to PCs. But now, because of improvements on the smartphone platform, not only can you capture HD quality photos in your smartphone, also edit them instantly on the phone. Despite the smaller display and more limited processing power. Now we can customize/edit self-captured pictures on our smartphone with the help of the Best 5 Photo Editing applications, listed below.

1.) Snapseed:

Best Photo Editing Apps

This is a free app, that you’ll install straight to your android device, Developed by Google. With this photo editor app you’ can easily remove those red eyes from your photos and a ton of other useful – both advanced and easy – editing tools. It additionally includes filters for those who’d appreciate safe picture editing functionalities.

Snapseed additionally features some tools to adjust Brightness(White Balance), artificially Expand the borders of your picture, add filters to your picture and manipulate the coloring of your photograph (like Grunge, HDR Scape, Retrolux,  and many others.),  create Lens Blur, add Textual content or a Frame, etc.

Features of Snapseed

  • Add Text to Images
  • Change Contrast, Brightness, etc.
  • Object-based image editing.
  • Add Layers of colors, etc.

2.) Adobe Lightroom:

Best Photo Editing Apps

If you're an avid Android person, then no better toll will make it easier to achieve better pictures than a lightroom mobile application. Among the features that you might like when using lightroom in your picture editing include easy device integration, easy syncing, and ease of use.  You can store your images directly on Cloud Storage without any risk of losing your private images.

Features of Adobe Lightroom

  • Non-destructive modifying protects your originals.
  • Create Presets To Save Time And Develop Model
  • Highly effective RAW file editor. …
  • Simple to crop photos. …
  • Inventive Adjustment instruments.

3.) PicsArt:

Best Photo Editing Apps

If you’d rather re-mix pictures than create simple touch-ups and filters, PicsArt may be extra your model. Consider PicsArt as a mixture between Photoshop and Paint. You may edit your pictures, but then you can also use an assortment of brush tools to add to your photos, including some sparkle, decorating with text, adjusting a color, or creating any cool sticker or remix you can dream up.  PicsArt already has a great popularity on the Android Platform.


  • Add Effects and Filters. 
  • You can add Stickers.
  • Easily draw Lines. …
  • You also can change the background with Cutout. …
  • Add Pictures To Create Overlays

4.) Pixlr:

Best Photo Editing Apps

In case you are the kind of person seeking to improve their photos, then this is app is available for you. It has both a desktop software and a mobile app. Pixlr consists of features that may assist to make your basic photo editing simpler while at the same time, all-inclusive functionalities for these complex photograph editing tasks. This is an application that will make it easier to if you are socially active and all from the same platform.

Features of Pixlr

  • Add Effects.
  • Add Layers.
  • Coloration Replace.
  • Use Brushes.
  • Changes

5.) Adobe Photoshop:

Best Photo Editing Apps

This utility was only accessible for desktop users till recently when the android app was designed. This application also has some cool features to perform editing on our pictures, Adobe Photoshop already created a brand in Photo Edition on PC.

Some Features of Adobe Photoshop

  • Change the color of an image.
  • Crop images.
  • Repairing flaws.
  • Drawing.
  • You can add text to images.
  • You also can remove any object within an image.



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