Huawei releasing their newest OS update EMUI 11 alongside confirmation that HarmonyOS 2.0 shall be made available for devices in some unspecified time in the future in 2021.
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Huawei releasing their newest OS update EMUI 11 alongside confirmation that HarmonyOS 2.0 will be available for devices in some unspecified time in the future in 2021.

While many of the focus will be on the next OS, EMUI 11 was additionally given top billing during the livestreamed HDC 2020 keynote. Nevertheless, with many roadblocks in their manner, Huawei has primarily had to repackage Android 10 once more with the EMUI 11 update. Because the system update is based on AOSP builds of Android, it signifies that EMUI 11 is effectively Android 10+ or EMUI 10.5 to simplify issues. Nonetheless, Huawei has managed to port over some Android 11 settings equivalent to one-time permissions to final yr’s Android construct.

That’s not all, as there are a variety of notable options including new Always-on Display options are available, an updated Gallery app interface, a simplified audio supply switcher, better multi-window support, some better sharing performance with Huawei laptops and tablets, plus enhanced privacy options.

A beta build of EMUI 11 is about to be made out there soon for P40 and Mate 30 devices within the close to future, with data on a wider roll out not yet identified.

It’s really unclear what this update will imply for those with Google Play supported devices, such as the P30 Pro and Mate 20 Pro, as licenses have offically expired for any devices which have shipped with GMS.

We can also see some more UI and under-the-hood modifications in the upcoming months, as AOSP builds of Android 11 are actually accessible, which will permit Huawei to shoehorn EMUI 11 onto the newest available mobile OS.

The OS is built with cross-platform performance from the ground up with support starting from smart TVs, smartwatches, car head models and naturally smartphones.

CEO Richard Yu talked about that the first smartphones working Huawei’s own OS might arrive sometime next year although there were no specifics. Plainly it will be limited to China initially. The HarmonyOS 2.0 SDK for TVs, watches and car head models shall be out there starting tomorrow while the version for smartphones is coming later in December.

As well as, Huawei shown its OpenHarmony project which is an open-source take on HarmonyOS just like AOSP (Android Open Source Project). It will likely be open for developers quickly and can support devices with as little as 128KB of RAM.

New HarmonyOS is completely about multi-screen performance improvement with seamless continuity and adaptive UX components meant to work on a broad range of gadgets. Huawei can also be touting improved security, improved smart voice recognition and quick cross-device data transfers.

HMS Core 5.0 was additionally detailed once more, bringing оver 12,000 APIs spanning 7 service categories. Huawei additionally shared its HMS application ecosystem has now reached 96,000 apps and is supported by 1.8 million active developers.


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