s 11th generation, Intel Core processors, in an online event ‘Something Big’ on September 2. Branding it as “the world’s best processor"
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Intel has officially launched its 11th generation, Intel Core processors, in an online event ‘Something Big’ on September 2. Branding it as “the world’s best processor for thin-and-light laptops”, the 11th Gen processors could have excessive “power efficiency” paired with high rated performance and fast Operating.

According to the Company(Intel), more than 150 designs primarily based on the 11th Gen processors are expected to be released from the houses of Samsung, MSI, Lenovo, Dynabook, Dell,Acer, Asus and others.

These 11th gen iCore processor will include Intel Iris Xe graphics which have been codenamed ‘Tiger Lake’ and the corporate already has the plan set out for announcing the new chip in the Recent and upcoming laptop PCs.

Intel additionally released its new platform brand for laptop computer designs Evo in the event. There are over 20 Professional designs expected to deliver this year. Laptops with certain specific key experience indicators (KEIs) will have the ability to display the Intel Evo badge.

These are “consistent responsiveness” in the battery sector, superfast waking up from sleep (in microsecond), relentless performance for 9 or more hours, fast charging support. This features a four-hour charge in less than half an hour on systems with FHD displays.

Latest Willow Cove CPUs are developed on Intel’s 10 nm SuperFin process technology that will reach the CPU frequency of as much as 4.8 GHz for the first time in this class of processor.

Through the event, Boyd Phelps, Company Vice President of Intel’s Client Engineering and Design Engineering Teams, described SuperFin as a brand new “high-performance 60 [nm] poly pitch transistor” that increases the drive current because of a wider gate processing. Therefore, this ultimately gives machines with “higher mobility and lower source-drain resistance”.

Intel continuously doing hard-work for maintaining its popularity in the Market.



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