iPhone 12 Mini could be a member of 2020 iPhone Family with tiny 5.4-inch screen, Apple is predicted to launch 4 new iPhones next month
iPhone 12 Mini could be a member of 2020 iPhone Family with tiny 5.4-inch display, Here is what to expect
(image by appleinsider)
Apple is predicted to launch 4 new iPhones next month and a recent report has claimed that one model with a 5.4-inch display could also be called the iPhone 12 Mini.

The photo shows three expected display sizes of iPhone 12, with the 5.4-inch model handset being the "iPhone 12 mini," the 2 6.1-inch models being the "iPhone 12 / iPhone 12 Pro,''  the 6.7-inch model being the "iPhone 12 Pro Max," reports MacRumors.

In accordance with the recent report, the iPhone 12 mini can be the first iPhone with the "mini" (small-size) moniker, At 5.4-inches, the iPhone 12 mini could be smaller than the iPhone 11 Pro, which is a 5.8-inch phone.

Apple will soon launch the new iPhone 12 and lots have already been disclosed. However, there are still a number of products that may surprise us on the launch day. Apple is predicted to launch a small (5.4-inch) iPhone 12 together with the range of other phone devices that it will be launching.

Apple is well-liked for its “one more thing" announcement that often catches the users by surprise. The latest leak from tipster Duan Rui gives details about a much smaller screen size iPhone.

The tipster published a picture of the Silicon case stickers of the device (iPhone) with three totally different sizes. Two are suspected to be the iPhone 12 Plus/ Pro Max and iPhone 12 Pro devices with a size of a 6.1-inch display screen and a 6.7-inch display screen respectively. The third sticker comes for a smartphone with a display dimension of 5.4-inch.
In case this new iPhone materializes on the launching day, it could be the first compact iPhone to feature the notch form factor. The brand new iPhone is predicted to come with a smaller notch in comparison with the older iPhone 11 series phones. It is usually expected to come with an OLED display.

The iPhone SE comes with a 4.7-inch display however the gadget has a dated design with huge bezels on all sides. Apple may bring the brand new rumored iPhone within the Mini-series. The notch will allow the manufacturer to reduce the footprint of the gadget dramatically.

So far, Apple is predicted to launch 4 new iPhones at their event, the iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Plus/Max, and iPhone 12 Pro Plus. With the inclusion of a mini model, buyers may have a variety of choices available. Since there isn't any official information regarding this, it's suggested the user takes this info with a grain of salt.


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