Microsoft promises to focus on Windows 10 more with new feature updates and interfaces in the future

Microsoft has been developing, upgrading, and refreshing the Windows 10 Start Menu interface for a long time with a lot of different major updates. However, that's not all the software giant is changing in Windows 10.

According to a Microsoft representative recently, the company promised to focus Windows 10 with new improvements coming in Windows 10. near future.

If you're a follower of Windows news, you may have noticed that Microsoft has many products that are just as important as Windows, such as Azure and Office. Under Satya Nadella, Microsoft has become more friendly with open source platforms, and Nadella has made a lot of changes to his business model.

Panos Panay, who is currently in charge of Windows and Surface, indirectly confirmed at the Ignite 2020 conference that Microsoft is still focusing on Windows development. At Ignite 2020, Panos Panay says he wants to see people move from needing Windows to loving and wanting Windows.

Microsoft has always wanted users to like Windows 10, and it seems the company has finally seriously made its commitment to the operating system under Panos leadership.
"Never before has Microsoft made such a huge investment in Windows," said Mr. Panos.
The fact that Microsoft's top executives are using words like "love, want and invest " suggests that Windows 10 will eventually get the big improvements needed in the future. Microsoft has yet to reveal the future of Windows 10 and how they plan to make it better.

However, Microsoft recently posted summaries of rounded corners in the taskbar, modern File Explorer, and other UI improvements. It is not clear whether these new design ideas will become the focus of the Windows 10 generation and future Microsoft applications because Microsoft has always kept what they do secret.

Windows users were hoping to hear more about its plans to test new features, but it doesn't seem like Microsoft is ready to talk about its innovation focus with Windows.



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