More details about the A14 Bionic processor: 5nm process, 40% faster CPU than the A12 Bionic

Normally, the September event will be the place where Apple launches new iPhone products, but this is not true of yesterday's event. According to many predictions, the Apple A14 Bionic processor on the iPad Air 2020 will be the processor equipped on the iPhone 12 product line.

According to information published by Apple, A14 Bionic is the first processor to be Manufacturing is based on 5nm process, which is superior to existing 7nm processors.

The Apple A14 Bionic processor will include 4 CPU cores and 6 GPU cores. By comparison, the CPU on this processor will be 40% faster than the Apple A12 and the GPU will be 30% faster.

However, it is strange because Apple only compared the A14 Bionic with the 2-year-old A12 Bionic processor instead of its predecessor A13. Most likely because the predecessor iPad Air only owns A12 Bionic processor.

Last year, Apple said that the A13 Bionic processor is 20% more powerful than the A12 Bionic. Thus, according to estimates, A14 Bionic processor will have 20% more powerful CPU and 8% more powerful GPU than its predecessor. Thanks to the process being reduced to 5nm, the power consumption of the A14 Bionic processor will be slightly lower.

Also as announced by Apple, the iPad Air 2020 model has a use time of 10 hours (with a 28.6Wh battery), equivalent to its predecessor (with a 30.8Wh battery).

According to GSMArena estimates, the A14 Bionic's energy consumption has been reduced by 8% compared to the A12 Bionic. This will also help the new iPhone 12 with better battery life.


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