New Jersey man John Pistacchio, the plaintiff in the case, claims to be paying "supra-competitive prices" for Apple Arcade because of the corporate's alleged anticompetitive behavior.

The lawsuit alleges that Apple enjoys monopoly power mobile gaming marketplace in the iOS, and reveals anti-competitive habits to maintain it that approach.

The complaint, lodged within the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California, claims that Apple has "unlawfully competition" by way of "persistent, pervasive, and secretive" misconduct.

"No developer or group of developers have sufficient power to entice enough iOs users to leave iOS, such that developing apps solely for other platforms would be profitable," the complaint reads, suggesting that corporations like Microsoft, Google, and Facebook into that class.

More particularly, the lawsuit means that Apple exerts monopoly power over the App Store by requiring developers to follow its app guidelines and by prohibiting third-party app stores. It provides that developers and application publishers are "powerless to constrain" Apple's conduct by refusing to share apps on iOS.

The complaint goes on to say that Apple reveals anti-competitive conduct to keep up its monopoly status in iOS premium gaming services.

These alleged anti-competitive behaviors embody imposing technical restrictions to stop users from taking part in different services apart from Apple Arcade, imposing contractual limitations on developers, abusing its app review guidelines to secure its monopoly, and rejecting cloud-based platforms.

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