One of them is the “Chapters” feature, which has moved over from the web version of YouTube to the Android app, which lets you rapidly find section
A week ago, an official update to the YouTube app on Android was released, which took many users by surprise with the updated rewind gesture. Now, the deployment of a brand new version has begun, which has introduced much more useful changes in the interface and behavior of the service.

One of them is the “Chapters” feature, which has moved over from the web version of YouTube to the Android app, which lets you rapidly find the desired section of the video. 

Chapter Feature

The watch timer (on the right side of the display) can now be switched to a countdown mode to know the way how much time is left until the end tip of the video.

There are additionally a few convenient gestures for getting into and exiting full-screen mode: just swipe up or down, respectively. 

Captions and more

The subtitle change has moved to the player area, which is able to simplify the process of turning them on and off as wanted, and with it, the autoplay button has also changed – a really controversial determination, provided that usually the person only needs one time to resolve whether he wants to autoplay similar videos on the finish the previous one. 

Autoplay Feature Update

Hints for VR video play modes have additionally been added and might be expanded soon; along with a feature for evening reminders to inform the person to stop watching and fall asleep.

YouTube SHORTS: Recently, Google announced the addition of a feature knows as “Shorts” to the YouTube application. In parallel with the ongoing story of the sale of TikTok, American firms are attempting to provide you with an alternative to the massive social network from China. First, it Launched Reels on Instagram, then it’s YouTube's turn.

It’s already available to make short videos(15 to 30 seconds) in the YouTube app. But Shorts feature will offer additional creativity tools just like those found on the TikTok application.

The function is at present only available in beta and only in India.

People will be capable to shoot short videos up to 15 seconds in duration. You possibly can edit your video: it's possible to affix a number of clips together.

YouTube may even offer its extensive library of licensed music to have the ability to use the “soundtrack”. A countdown will be out there to users to fit their message.

With a view to encouraging users to experience the new function, YouTube will place a big button in the center of the application’s navigation bar.



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