Virtual Private Network(VPN) Subscribers who have a Google One subscription plan with 2TB of storage data or more
In a recent blog post, Google took the wraps off its latest perk for sure Google One subscribers, Virtual Private Network(VPN) Subscribers who have a Google One subscription plan with 2TB of storage data or more than 2TB will acquire access to this new perk on their Android device “in the coming weeks.”

One of my favorite things about being a Google Fi user is the service’s in-built VPN functionality service. it’s a neat and clean added layer of security, particularly when connected to a public Wi-Fi. I have also wondered why Google hasn’t made this service accessible more extensively.

Google at present announced it’s bringing its own VPN service to Google One subscribers on the 2TB plan or more: those starting at $10 a month. This goes for households too,  you possibly can share VPN access with as much as 5 members of the family at no additional cost.

For those not familiar, VPNs can help you browse the web with a secure layer by hiding your IP address and encrypting your connection. Your information goes by a VPN server before it hits the broader web, the place it’s encrypted against potential hackers or others seeking to monitor your data.

Google is also providing one-on-one ‘Pro Sessions‘ for customers to “study VPNs and methods to keep safer online.” These appointments are available on a first-come, first-serve basis.

After all, there are many different VPN providers on the market, and Google doesn’t appear to be particularly exceptional or unique — in the meanwhile, it appears to be more about comfort for Google One subscriber users than anything else.

Sadly, VPN access will solely be obtainable for the Android platform users to start, however, the firm plans to develop the service to iOS, Windows 10, and Mac within the coming months.

Google is additionally making the Virtual Private Network by Google One libraries open-source, and it'll have its end-to-end services independently audited next year.

That all sounds superior, nevertheless it still does seem weird for a made by Google VPN to exist. Fortunately, Google One subscribers don’t need to make use of the service, so in case you really feel weird about it, simply stick with a third-party service.

In case you are OK with it, though, you just received a free VPN to your smartphone and, soon, your different devices.


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