Microsoft has found a new ransomware that's concentrating on Android phones, this ransomware is named "MalLocker.B".
Attention Android users!, Microsoft has found a new ransomware that's concentrating on Android phones and has issued a warning about it. Based on reports, this ransomware is named "MalLocker.B", 

It is spreading to Android smartphones through apps and some malicious websites.

The ransomware - MalLocker.B is hidden under malicious Android applications mostly so it is rather essential to be careful when you find yourself downloading apps(Mostly MOD applications) from websites.

“This new mobile ransomware variant is an important discovery because the malware exhibits behaviors that have not been seen before and could open doors for other malware to follow,” Microsoft added.

How can MalLocker.B harm your phone?

MalLocker.B prevents the person from accessing the display screen, Once it came in the phone, . Not like other ransomware, MalLocker.B doesn't encrypt the system. Instead, it just freezes the screen and shows a message that promises to be from a law enforcement company and asks for a fine to unlock the display.

MalLocker.B takes benefit of the ‘call’ notification, in line with reports, and when Android users get an incoming call, the ransomware will get activated. And when the person presses the home button or the recently open app button, the display screen instantly gets locked, and also you see the message about the fine.

Microsoft defined that as is the case with most Android ransomware, MalLocker.B doesn't block access to files by encrypting something. It simply blocks access to the display that seems over every other window in a manner that individuals can do nothing, Microsoft defined.

Stories suggest that the code of the malware is sort of simple and can spread easily to a number of Android phones. 

How to prevent yourself from it?

Android users are being recommended to keep away from downloading apps from unknown websites and unreliable sources. Always download apps from the original source. While there isn't a proof of the ransomware stealing private data yet, what MalLocker.B absolutely does is that it makes your smartphone virtually useless by freezing your screen.



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