India Based Company, Reliance Jio has launched a brand new web browser, referred to as JioPages, which uses the Chromium Blink engine
India Based Company, Reliance Jio has launched a brand new web browser, referred to as JioPages, which uses the Chromium Blink engine. The corporate claims that the new smartphone web-browser has been “conceptualized and designed entirely in India.”

The browser includes India-centric features like assist for 8 Indian languages, localized news content curation, a smart download manager, incognito mode(Private Browsing), encrypted connections, and many other features. The JioPages web browser application is presently obtainable for download and install on the Google Play Store.

The corporate doesn't seem to have launched the iOS variant of JioPages as of now.

The eight regional languages supported by the gadget include Hindi, Gujarati, Marathi, Telegu, Tamil, Malayalam, Bengali, and Kannada. People can set the web browser language and the regional content preferences from the JioPages' browser settings.

Key features of the application except for the regional language support and content curation( like news, blog, etc) Setup a PIN-locked Incognito Mode and an in-built Adblock Plus functionality.

The Chromium Blink engine based on the corporate will assist provide users with good quality webpage rendering, environment-friendly media streaming, fastest possible page loads, Emoji domain support, and encrypted connection.

The Chromium Blink engine has been built with contributions from Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Opera, Adobe Systems, Samsung, Intel, IBM, and many others.

JioPages browser will include a browser feed, which will likely be customized in accordance with the person’s language settings, area, and relevant topic settings. This browser feed will be populated and fed with content cards, which will present the most recent news, market prices, cricket scores, stocks, and more.

JioPages may even send its users push notifications for the feed or page that it thinks will interest the person.

Jiopages’ download supervisor will categorize the users’ downloads according to their file varieties. The browser will also characteristic a tweaked incognito mode, which will require a PIN to enter into Incognito Mode.

The built-in Adblock Plus characteristic will block a majority of advertisements, permitting in only acceptable adverts. It should also enable users to whitelist domains to display advertisements.


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