Samsung Galaxy Fold 3 is coming with three displays and and LED notification light on the hinge. Galaxy Z Fold 3 is expected in second half of 2021.
The Galaxy Z Flip and The Galaxy Z Fold 2 indicates that Samsung continues to be very much committed to the folding smartphone devices concept, and we are positively anticipating more handsets alongside these lines in the future.

Due to which, Recent reports say that the Galaxy Z Fold 3 is predicted to reach in the second half of next year(2021). The Galaxy Z Flip 2, however, is more likely to arrive along with Samsung Galaxy S21 in February 2021.

A recently published Samsung patent noticed by LetsGoDigital reveals a device very similar to the Galaxy Fold 2, with an LED light stripe working down the hinge. The light might be used to indicate alerts about incoming calls and notifications, as per the patent.

Earlier this year, Samsung launched the 2nd generation smartphone with foldable functionality, that's, the Galaxy Z Fold 2, back In August this year. Now, a recent report suggests that the corporate has begun working on its third-generation premium-budget Galaxy Z Fold 3.

The patent stated that the smartphone’s lighting strip will provide visual and decorative effects combining a number of light colors - Bloomberg.

As per a report by the Dutch site Lets Go Digital, the Galaxy Z Fold 3 smartphone will include three displays. The patent submitted by Samsung in March 2019 and revealed on October 1, 2020, publishes that the device could have a full-screen display on the cover.

The cover display will include a punch-hole digital camera that's positioned in the midst of the display.

The defining factor of the Fold 3, however, will be the hinge. The stories say that the foldable display device will include an indicator that's mounted on the hideaway hinge that contains multiple light-emitting parts. This light indicator will probably be used to inform the user of new notifications or incoming calls and messages.


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