A Toy Robot that can be controlled by the brain, Check out Bandai’s mind-controlled robot prototype
Image From: YouTube/NeU.
Companies are constantly working hard to advance technology. Researchers at NeU, a joint venture between Hitachi and Tohoku University, have designed a prototype toy robot controlled by the mind, together with toy giant Bandai.

This robotic, referred to as Zeonic Technics, is a toy developed to assist teach science and technology to kids. The NeU scientists created a technique to work together with the toy by linking the person’s mind to a mobile software devoted to the robot.

The solution consists of a kind of headband positioned around the head of the person. It integrates a mind activity sensor able to measuring blood circulation to the front of the user's brain. This brain activity, roughly intense, is transferred in real-time to a mobile app that controls the robot’s actions. As a wide range of movements has been programmed, every variation in thought activity corresponds to a really precise gesture.

While the outcomes are spectacular, in the intervening time, they're still restricted to only a few movements of the robot. We can't assist, however, but wonder if mind-controlled toys are going to be the way forward for scientific toys made in Japan.


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