According to the latest report given by Tianfeng International analyst Guo Mingchi, the iPhone 13 series will also be launched in 4 different sizes, and the ultra-wide-angle camera will be upgraded accordingly, and its sales are better than the iPhone 12.

Guo Mingchi said that next year’s new iPhone 13 also has four models, and the size is the same as that of the iPhone 12. Among them, the ultra-wide-angle lenses of the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max will be upgraded to f/1.8, 6P and autofocus. And in 2022 the new iPhone 14 then the whole system comes standard with f / 1.8,6P ultra-wide-angle lens and autofocus.
Prior to this, Guo Mingchi's report also showed that Apple will launch an iPhone equipped with under-screen fingerprint technology as soon as 2021, and Apple has been testing under-screen fingerprint technology before.

Guo Mingchi also pointed out that Apple hopes that Face ID and the off-screen fingerprint technology are complementary, and the two are not competing for each other.

However, multiple biometrics are expected to enhance security, while off-screen fingerprints can provide more convenient authentication in specific situations.

In addition, Apple is also expected to introduce biometrics in the Apple Watch product line in the future. In terms of technology, the probability of fingerprints under the screen is also higher than that of Face ID.

Previously, the industry chain also gave news that Apple and Qualcomm were in contact and tested the latter's under-screen fingerprint technology to prepare for the next iPhone to use under-screen fingerprints


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