The world's first 6G test satellite was successfully launched! Has the 6G era come?
At 11:19 yesterday, China used the Long March 6 carrier rocket at the Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center to successfully put 13 satellites into the predetermined orbit, and the launch was a complete success.

This mission however, is also equipped with a satellite named "University of Electronic Science and Technology", which is the world's first 6G test satellite.

The University of Electronic Science and Technology of China subsequently issued a text to celebrate, because the "Science and Technology University" is the world's first successfully launched 6G test satellite, and it is also the first satellite named after the University of Electronic Science and Technology since its establishment.

According to the official explanation, "University of Electronic Science and Technology No." satellite weighing 70 kilograms, from the University of Electronic Science and Technology, the country star aerospace and other joint development of the satellite equipped by the University of Electronic Science and Technology and the National Star aerospace design and development of terahertz communications satellite payload, will Establishing a transceiver link on a satellite platform and carrying out a terahertz load test will also be the world's first technical verification of terahertz communications in space application scenarios.

Terahertz communication has the advantages of abundant spectrum resources, high transmission rate, and easy integration of communication perception. It has important application prospects in the field of terrestrial and space communication and is one of the key technologies of the sixth generation of mobile communication (6G) in the world.

It is understood that the "Electronic Science and Technology University" satellite will be used in smart city construction, disaster prevention and mitigation, land planning, environmental protection, monitoring of major infrastructure construction , and serving national strategies and economic and social development in space.


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