Samsung is expected to launch a new generation of Galaxy Buds headsets alongside the Galaxy S21 (S30) series in early 2021. Recently, we have the first information about this headset.

Samsung has launched the Galaxy Buds with the Galaxy S10 series, Galaxy Buds + with the Galaxy S20 series, and the Galaxy Buds Live with the 5G Galaxy Note 20 series. Thus, we have 3 versions of the Galaxy Buds series headphones.

Of course, Samsung will continue to launch the new generation Galaxy Buds along with the new generation Galaxy S series in early 2021, when SamMobile reports that the headphones will have a design similar to the Galaxy Buds | Buds +, comes with some new improvements.

The sources also said that Ambient mode will be improved. This is a feature that allows outside noise to pass through the headphones so that users can get around. This feature was not perfect before, so this is worth the wait.

This new-generation Galaxy Buds will feature ANC, and this will be the first for in-ear headphones. The ANC performance is said to be better than the Galaxy Buds Live in theory, as the in-ear design will seal the ear canal more effectively than the current Galaxy Buds Live.

It is currently unclear what the name of the new generation Galaxy Buds, when the name Galaxy Buds Beyond was revealed on November 5. However, it is possible that this is the codename and the official name will be different. The headphones are expected to have the same color as other headphone models.


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