Just a couple of days ago, Wang Chenglu, President of the Consumer Business Software Department of Huawei, revealed that the adaptation of the mobile version of Hongmeng OS 2.0 is progressing very well, and the research and development is ready, and it is expected to be released as scheduled in December.
According to foreign media today, the latest news shows, mobile version of obscurity OS 2.0 is expected to be open Beta test version December 18, next year in January or February will face some mobile phone users to upgrade channel, to be followed a few months of the initial upgrade Verify, and then fully open for upgrades.
This time HUAWEI is very cautious about the upgrade of the mobile phone Hongmeng OS. It is expected that the mobile version of Hongmeng OS 2.0 will be fully replaced on HUAWEI mobile phones later next year. Wang Chenglu also revealed that more than 90% of HUAWEI models currently on the market will be upgraded to Hongmeng.

It is reported that HUAWEI decided to develop the Hongmeng system as early as May 2016, and laid out the possible directions of the future market and technology.

The core innovation is to treat individual IoT devices as different modules and then connect them, Because it is an operating system developed for the Internet of Everything.


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