Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra mobile phone case exposure: Has the rear camera module design been confirmed
The transparent protective case of the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra has been exposed on the Internet . If this is true, it proves that the S21 series has adopted a brand new back design of the phone.

Previously, the renderings of S21 Ultra have been circulated on the Internet. The rear camera module and the back of the phone are designed with different materials or the same material with different processing methods. The transparent protective case exposed today proves this design to a certain extent.
Whether such a design looks good or not, you still have to look at the real phone, but I have to say that the new design does bring a very high degree of recognition to this phone, but this is also in line with the design idea of avoiding homogeneity of the flagship product.
Since the camera part adopts such an eye-catching design, taking pictures is likely to be one of the enhancement points of the S21 Ultra.

Other news said that the S21 Ultra will be equipped with a brand new 108MP lens this time, the ISOCELL HM3 sensor, which can increase the light input by 12%, take night scene photos faster and better, and retain more scene details.


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