Samsung Galaxy S21 series may cancel the included headphones! It is also possible to bundle new wireless headphones for sale simultaneously.
According to a report by South Korean media TopDaily, Samsung is considering removing the traditional AKG headset from the Galaxy S21 series , but it is also very likely to cancel the gift while bundling the series with the latest Galaxy Buds Beyond headset sales (different from the gift, Does not necessarily reduce prices).

According to industry insiders, Samsung is considering the components (earphones, chargers, etc.) in the Galaxy S21 series product package scheduled to be released in the first half of next year , and it is very possible to cancel the earphones . For example, the Galaxy Note 20 previously released in the United States did not include wired headphones .

Korean media pointed out that Samsung's move is based on Apple. As we all know, Apple recently cancelled the gift of earphones and charger from the iPhone 12 package. At the same time, inspired by Apple's wireless headset sales, Samsung may bundle its Galaxy Buds Beyond headsets for sale .

An executive of a securities company said: “As Apple introduces 5G to the iPhone 12, the cost has increased, and due to the uncertainty of the new crown epidemic, it has reduced costs by removing packaging components .” Samsung may cancel the new products next year. Earphones to reduce costs (may also refer to the price). "Samsung must immediately compete with Apple's AirPods, but currently Samsung has no corresponding competitiveness. This is an essential business activity . "

In South Korea, Samsung Galaxy Buds Live wireless headsets are priced at about 200,000 won, while the subsidiary Harman’s "AKG N400" sells for about 230,000 won.

Samsung seems to be working on developing new wireless headphones . For example, the " Galaxy Buds Beyond " patent was registered in the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) and the United States Patent Office (USPTO) on October 29 .

Before the Samsung will provide free gifts when booking flagship models such as Galaxy Buds Plus and Galaxy Buds Live. Therefore, it is possible to bundle Buds Beyond and Galaxy S21 together.


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