PS5 is in short supply! SONY: We are already working hard to increase production, and we will continue to stock in December
The PS5 official pre-order in large Makai Qi, after hearing the news, there are a lot of fans when the 3:00 start to the SONY official line up shop on the Internet but in just a few minutes was snapped up.

However, the amount of stock for the first sale on the market is seriously insufficient, and it has now become the target of players from all countries.

In this regard, SONY President Jim Ryan also confirmed the news of the lack of stock when interviewed by the Japanese media, saying that the current supply is in short supply , but SONY is already working hard to increase production and will continue to stock after December.

In the past, Jim Ryan stated that PS5 has more stocks in the market than PS4. However, as the PS4 console successfully expands the market, the past demand for listing has long been unable to meet the current customer base.

SONY predicts that by the March quarter of 2021, PS5 sales are expected to reach 7.6 million units . This is the first year of PS4 sales, which means that PS5 will exceed this goal in less than half a year.


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