Samsung Galaxy S21 is expected to be released early next year, which may bring a new unlock method.

SamMobile reported that Samsung is bringing back the Bixby voice unlock function for the Galaxy S21 as an alternative to fingerprint recognition when it is not convenient to use.

According to reports, Samsung plans to launch the voice unlock function on the Galaxy S21 first, and then add this function to other devices.

Of course, the security of voice unlocking may still be in doubt. The person who owns your high-quality voice recording can theoretically unlock your phone.

Fingerprint recognition or iris scanning is usually harder to be scammed, but voice unlocking is safer than the basic face unlocking on many Android phones.

Of course, its biggest benefit is convenience. It can be used to unlock the phone when the user cannot touch or look at the phone.

The voice unlock function will probably be a feature of the One UI 3.1, the upgraded version of the One UI 3.0 that will be introduced on the Galaxy S21.


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