Apple is offering free of charge repair program for this popular iPhone's screen, check if you are eligible
Facing issues with your iPhone 11 display screen? Just like, it stops responding to the touch after some time of using it? Apple has thus, launched a display module replacement program for the same, free of cost.

Apple stated on its support webpage that it got some iPhone 11 screens have a problem where the displays may stop responding to touch sometimes like hang. "This affects only iPhone 11 units that were manufactured between November 2019 and May 2020," the Cupertino-based electronic manufacturer stated.

Apple launched its iPhone 11 series comprising iPhone 11 base model, the iPhone 11 Pro Max, and iPhone 11 Pro last year. The brand new scheme offered by the corporate covers iPhone 11 devices manufactured from November 2019 onwards which is roughly 2 months after it launched. 

Check eligibility for free screen repair or replacement:

In order to see in case your iPhone 11 is eligible without cost screen repair, it's essential to insert the serial number on their support page.

After inserting the serial number of your device and if the phone is eligible for repair, Apple Authorized Service Provider will provide service, free of cost.

Find out how to check the serial number:

You have to open Settings on your iPhone, then tap general after which tap About. In case your iPhone 11 has been exhibiting this issue, surely use the serial number checker below to see if your iPhone 11 is eligible for this free of charge screen replacement program.

Furthermore, that iPhone 11 owners who confronted this issue earlier and got it fixed are entitled to a refund for the same as well. The replacement program is eligible for 2 years from the time the iPhone 11 was bought.

Nevertheless, this program covers only certain problems with the display and that doesn't include a cracked display repair free of charge. For devices with other points like cracked display must be resolved before the service, it stated.

For such instances, there'll most likely be a cost for the additional repair, Apple defined in its support page. Apple additionally added that it could limit or restrict repair to the original country or region of buy. This worldwide Apple program does not extend the standard warranty protection of the iPhone 11.



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