A new patent application indicates that Apple may be testing keyboards with small adaptive display keys on future MacBooks. Earlier on December 29, the United States Patent and Trademark Office approved the application.

According to the file, the keys can dynamically change according to the content displayed on the screen or the language selected by the user. It's a bit like the TouchBar on Macs now.

The patent explains that each key on the keyboard can have a "related key display" connected to the keyboard circuit. This patent shows that Apple is testing a keyboard with a small display screen for each key that can display labels or characters.

Apple will choose the OLED display for the buttons, and they have not yet decided on the top material (ceramic, glass or sapphire) of the buttons.

The patent also states that these keys will be "reconfigurable." In addition to displaying different language keys, the keyboard can also turn a standard keyboard into a gaming keyboard.

In the gaming keyboard, the keyboard will only display certain keys used in the game or display custom characters.

It also shows that the future Macbook keyboard will provide users with "visual feedback" indicating the current state of the keys. If the key is active, such as when Caps Lock is turned on or when an ability in the game is activated, it may turn the key into gray.

The patent shows that Apple is testing keyboards for desktop Macs and Macbooks. And also, it should be noted that although this sounds very exciting, it is very rare when Apple's patents appear in real products.


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