During the epidemic, cooperation between technology companies has become more important.

According to recent reports, a number of major IT companies such as Google, Dell, and Intel have joined forces to jointly solve security, remote office and other enterprise service issues.

The alliance of these companies also has an official name-"Modern Computing Alliance", and its founding members also include technology companies such as Box and Zoom.

According to sources, these technology companies are facing common problems in working on the cloud and the tools they use.

To this end, the alliance will concentrate knowledge and resources to focus on four areas of product performance, security and identity authentication, medical care, and remote work.

Specifically, it is to develop new standards and interoperable technologies to provide member companies with cloud computing solutions. Among them, Google will play an important role in this project.

In fact, the establishment of the Modern Computing Alliance had been discussed long before the epidemic, and the epidemic only accelerated the cooperation of major technology companies.

At present, companies around the world are beginning to transition to telecommuting, so the alliance has decided to expand its business scope and introduce more partners.

In the future, the alliance will also introduce more IT professionals to assist in the establishment of expert committees.


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