Honk is going to make a new name in technology with its real-time messaging functionality, Honk wants users in real-time messaging.
Honk is going to make a new name in technology with its real-time messaging functionalityHonk wants users in real-time messaging. On the spot fast messaging? The iOS app launched Tuesday globally after a few months of testing.

On Honk, your messages are shown to the opposite person as you type/write, right down to that typo, further space, or the pause to think something over.

There is no such thing as a send button because there is no need for it. And also you only have 160 characters (concerning the size of a standard SMS text message) to convey your ideas. When you hit the limit, you hit a refresh button to start out from scratch. Predictably, Honk has no chat history.

It seems like, Honk is actually getting Google Docs' real-time collaboration tech and fusing it with the idea of disappearing messages, pioneered by Snapchat and since adopted by virtually everybody including Facebook across its suite of apps, together with WhatsApp and Messenger (Facebook/Instagram).

Honk is not like most messaging platforms but it surely's still going up towards all of them due to sheer network effect.

At this point, you are in all probability wondering why it is referred to as “Honk”. Well, that is because the app actually has a Honk button that can assist you to get somebody's attention. The other individual will likely be flooded with notifications if they're outside the app or an array of emoji if they are within the app.

Honk included plenty of customization features within the app. You possibly can change the color of the conversation bubbles. You can pick the emoji pores and skin color you like, which will mirror in every single place across Honk.

And you can even assign certain emoji to a phrase or word. Honk calls it “Magic Words”. You can type in common emoji utilizing your keyboard too.


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