As more and more excellent games are released, the requirements for gaming electronic equipments are getting higher and higher.

Manufacturers such as Microsoft, Sony, Intel, Nvidia, and AMD will launch a variety of new products every year to meet people’s needs for electronic equipment requirements.

But in the future, people may be able to use their smartphones to play 3A masterpieces of console games.

Recently, Microsoft said that Xbox cloud games are expected to land on iOS and PC platforms next spring through the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate service.

According to some details of the cloud gaming service roadmap shared by Microsoft, in addition to Android devices, Microsoft will also launch cloud games on iOS and PC platforms.

Also, according to Microsoft, the Xbox cloud gaming service will be made available on the PCs through the Xbox app and browser, and iOS devices through mobile web browser.

It is understood that Xbox cloud games do not require a separate subscription. Users only need to subscribe to the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate service for $14.99 a month to enjoy the games on Xbox.

Affected by network delays, users now still need to be near Microsoft's data center so that they can enjoy Xbox cloud games more freely.

Therefore, Microsoft can only take the lead in launching the Xbox cloud gaming service in the United States, Canada, South Korea and some European countries. It plans to launch the service in Australia, Brazil, Japan and Mexico in the future.

Cloud gaming allows users to get rid of the limitations of their devices, and they can play their 3A masterpieces via the Internet without being equipped with the latest related products.

However, cloud gaming services have extremely high requirements on the network, and the network needs to be stable and fast to enjoy the service freely.


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