OPPO and Tom Ford plans to jointly launch a slider smartphone with rollable screen
OPPO X Tom Ford Slider Smartphone Concept Leaked
In the  past two years, OPPO smartphones have continued to exert their strength in innovative technology. The OPPO X 2021 scroll-screen concept smartphone that OPPO recently demonstrated drew the attention of many netizens.

Now, LetsGoDigital broke the news that it has discovered from some documents that OPPO is developing a new concept phone.

The wallpaper and other details of the phone show that the phone is likely to be related to American fashion design brand Tom Ford (Tom Ford, commonly seen TF lipstick). 

In addition, this concept phone has three cameras on the back, the arrangement is similar to the clasp of a handbag, the module frame comes with a wood grain structure, and the back shell seems to be leather.

The lens module is clearly marked directly below: "OPPO X Tom Ford - Design For Concept Shakira", and the flash is perfectly integrated into this aesthetic system, even if obsessive-compulsive disorder is seen, there will be no resistance.

This phone uses a folding scheme similar to a scroll screen, which can expand the display area by stretching the screen.

The screen size before stretching is the same as the makeup box, and after unfolding, it can reach the normal size of the phone.

In addition, this phone seems to have two pull-ring decorations on the top, which is expected to be used in remembrance of the classic ladies handbag design.

However, it is not clear when OPPO will officially commercialize this concept phone. In the past, there were cases where mobile phone manufacturers released concept phones that were not commercially available.


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