Samsung and Apple are two companies that perhaps no one is not aware of, with smartphones that are very popular and recently, Samsung is reported to have more smartphones sold than its competitors in Q3. / 2020.

Accordingly, CNET newspaper quoted from Gartner report that Apple dropped to 4th place in global smartphone sales in Q3 / 2020. First of all, the total sales of smartphones in Q3 / 2020 worldwide reached 366 million, down nearly 6% from last year due to few buyers due to the Corona virus epidemic.

Samsung alone sold 80.8 million units, an increase of 2.2% compared to 2019. Next, Huawei sold 51.8 million units, a decrease of more than 20%. 35% more than the same period last year with 4.4 million units, pushing Apple out of the top 3.

Apple's sales fell 0.6% year-on-year, when it fell to 40.6 million units in Q3 / 2020. In the fifth place of the companies with top smartphones sold is OPPO with 29.9 million units.

As the economic uncertainty of the epidemic continues and gets even worse in some places, people are less likely to buy unnecessary items, Gartner said. However, the decline in Apple's sales is due to the delayed launch of the 2020 iPhone generation.


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