Just a couple of days ago, we reported here at AndroBliz regarding to the recently leaked information about the Galaxy S21 series which was revealed in the Indian market and thus, showed that it almost matched the rumor "read more". Recently, we have more information about this product line in the European market.

Accordingly, the new generation Galaxy S series will almost be released on January 14, 2021, not February or March 2021, which coincides with previous rumors. In addition, information about this product line also appears in some retail systems as well as in render / promotional videos.

In the German market, one of Samsung's major European markets, the upcoming Galaxy S21 series will only have a 5G connection version. 4G connectivity is expected to be available in places where 5G / emerging connectivity is not yet available, such as Brazil.

Here are the expected capacities of the same color scheme for the upcoming German models:
  • Standard version: ROM 128GB / 256GB with 4 colors including gray, white, pink, purple
  • Mid-range version: ROM 128GB / 256GB with 3 colors including silver, black, purple
  • Premium version: ROM 128GB / 256GB / 512GB with 2 colors including silver, black
Thus, this information is also quite consistent with what AndroBliz reported earlier. Next, rumors about Samsung will integrate the ability to support S-Pen on the high-end version so far it's completely accurate.

Special versions of Silicone Cover and Clear View Cover for the premium version have been listed at various retailers, including the stylus holder. Users can buy at least two special accessories for the version, including the S-Pen stylus.

Of course, not the pen in the slot as on the Galaxy Note series but the accessories will support this. As such, these are not the usual Clear View and Silicone Cover cases but rather special versions with the added ability to hold the pen.

Normal case versions without pen storage space will still be available. This still does not say what the Galaxy Note series will be, when rumors say that Samsung will still launch a new generation Galaxy Note to end this product line.


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