Recently, the Russian company Caviar has promoted a series of gold products, including PS5 limited edition, AirPods Max limited edition and Galaxy S21 Ultra limited edition.

These products have attracted many netizens on the Internet. But Samsung officials do not seem to want the S21 Ultra to be publicized and exposed before its release.

According to recent reports, LetsGoDigital, which previously promoted a series of special limited edition products of Caviar, received a letter from the person in charge of Caviar.

In the letter, Caviar asked LetsGoDigital to delete all previously reported information about the limited edition Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra.

After LetsGoDigital's internal negotiation, they decided not to comply with this regulation. LetsGoDigital said: We rely on the principle of freedom of the press, and the Samsung S21 Ultra limited edition information is legally obtained by us.

Samsung has apparently warned Caviar, and Caviar is also deleting reports about the S21 limited edition in accordance with Samsung's request. It is reported that the price of the S21 Ultra limited edition is not less than $77,230.


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