As smartphones replace more and more devices, and even S wallets, it is becoming more and more important to ensure that smartphones are always charged.

Although carrying a power bank or a battery case is currently the preferred solution, Samsung is planning to design more convenient products in the future.

According to a patent document filed by Samsung at the Korean Patent Office, it reveals a very peculiar little device, which describes a "ring" that can charge smartphones.

However, this device is not powered by a battery wrapped around the finger. On the contrary, the disk in the "ring" generates electric current through the movement of the hand. In layman's terms, there is a micro generator in the ring.

But that's not all. According to this patent, in addition to the kinetic energy of motion, the ring can also convert the body's heat into electricity.

Of course, there will also be a small battery to store the generated electricity, and then transfer it to the phone. This is the ingenuity of the "ring".

When the user uses the phone, the "ring" can charge the phone without the need for a cable or charger to charge the phone.

Usually when we are holding a smartphone, with the ring on the middle finger, it can just be right on the wireless charging coil.

Of course, this "charging ring" has many challenges to overcome before it is actually launched, mainly related to the size of the components.

Converting the kinetic energy of motion into electrical energy is nothing new, but the problem is that smartphones require more battery life, so it remains to be seen whether this small "ring" device is feasible.


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