UK imposes New rules on social media companies to pay fines on failure to delete harmful and illegal contents
Recently, the British government announced a cyber security legislation plan and put forward new requirements on Facebook and other companies.

According to the proposed law in the United Kingdom, if global technology companies cannot quickly remove illegal and harmful content from their platforms, the British media regulator, the British Communications Authority, will have the power to impose a maximum of £18m (about $24m) on companies that violate the regulations.

Or a 10% fine of global turnover, whichever is higher. "Illegal content" includes child sexual assault and terrorist content.

The new UK regulations will be introduced in the form of legislation next year, and websites that violate the regulations may be blocked. In addition to Facebook, Internet giants such as TikTok and Twitter will also face this problem.

It is reported that the negotiation time for the UK's "cyber security" proposal exceeds 18 months. If Facebook cannot quickly delete illegal and harmful content, judging from its turnover last year, the fine will be as high as $7b, and TikTok will be $24m.

Currently, governments around the world are formulating various measures to better control illegal and dangerous content on social media.

The EU will also announce its response measures and introduce more stringent regulations into its legislation. In addition, the antitrust bureaus of the United States and the European Union have also targeted Facebook, Amazon and Google.


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