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Xiaomi unveiled the latest version of its custom Android in a launch event held in May 2019, while the MIUI 12 remains one of the best version of its update, it is already traveling around the world in different phones.

However, the MIUI 12 brings lots of new features, revamped UI, new gesture controls, new improvements and bugs fixed. At first, the MIUI 12 will be rolled out in China to some Xiaomi phones but later it will be available Globally to most of the devices.

If you are a Redmi, Poco or Mi phone owner then soon you will be able to enjoy the most popular custom Android skin of MIUI 12 on your phone.

Meanwhile, it happens that one of the characteristics of MIUI is its high capacity for customization, and we have that thanks to its themes. Without much delay, We have compile a list of best MIUI 12 Themes and thus, it is the top 10 and are highly rated.

Top 10 MIUI 12 Themes For Xiaomi Phones In December 2022:

1.) iOS 14.1 Version 12:
If you've been longing to embrace the look and feel of iOS 14 and you're a Xiaomi user, MIUI 12 has made it possible and easier for you. Indeed it is one of the best MIUI 12 themes you can get in the Theme store.

2.) Google Pixel 4:
Another colourful theme, although here we are already talking about more aggressive shades that are already noticed once we saw that desktop background, and the lock screen, with orange tones that melt into black. Round icons and a high contrast theme which may be liked by many and which, being free and easily found in the Themes store, is worth trying.

3.) Chip version 12:
Here's another wonderful MIUI 12 theme you can easily get in the theme store, if you are fond of having dark mode permanently activated on your phone, then this theme is definitely for you. An attractive and seamless background wallpaper, custom icons that extend the experience of gradients and green and purple lights, and a quick settings panel turned grey that you'll possibly love.

4.) ZERO:
A theme designed by Rafael Henrique, which has a gallery of more than interesting designs, with a blurred desktop background and abundance of light colours. It’s worth taking a look and trying it for a while.

5.) Morphing version 12:
Morphing is a theme that fits like a finger ring with MIUI 12 dark mode both in the conformation of the desktop, granting a dark edge to the Sonos, as in the quick settings and configuration of the phone. The typography he uses is a delight, and trust me, you will surely enjoy it.

6.) Khalifa LineUi (Blue Accent):
If you're a dark theme lover, I'm sure you won't like to miss it with this great MIUI 12 Theme Khalifa LineUi has offered. This theme however, comes with blue accent, thereby throwing more beauty to the design.

7.) Khalifa LineUi (Red Accent):
If blue is not your favorite, then you can't miss red. Khalifa LineUi have made it possible and easier for you to enjoy the great design it offers, the red accent of the Khalifa LineUi threw a bright light to the theme, making it to be adorable. Trust me, this is one of the MIUI 12 best themes you won't like to miss.

8.) PROJECT [Aurora]:
project [Aurora] is another great theme abscon available for MIUI 12. Looking at the design and as the name sounds are enough to tell you that this theme is worth installing.

9.) Beach OS:
This theme is specifically for those who love sight seeing and of course, the beach type. However, it offers a great sign and a sleek UI that we think you may love.

10.) Colourful Place:
One of the most attractive themes that we can find for MIUI 12. The background looks great to you in the style of the icons, and after we configure the home screen well it can be spectacular.

Best MIUI 12 Themes For December 2022:

While MIUI 12 happens to be the latest version of its update, it has come with tons of features which are highly customizable. However, to bring more beauty to your smartphone, we have compiled the best Miui 12 Themes for the year 2022. They are completely free to download


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