Xiaomi unveils the new MIUI 12.5 which comes with unique and upgraded features along with new super wallpapers
Xiaomi MIUI 12.5 officially launched
Not long ago, the Xiaomi Mi 11 conference officially took place. During the conference, the new MIUI 12.5 was officially unveiled. This new system brings you a new super wallpaper, System UI rewrite, system dynamic design, etc., which is very attractive.

The official also announced the first batch of support for 21 models to apply for internal testing, including Xiaomi 9, Xiaomi 10, Redmi K30 5G, K30 Pro, etc.

According to the official introduction, MIUI 12.5 is lighter, faster and more economical. System UI is rewritten, and the memory usage of core scenes is reduced by 20%.

Carrying out special razor projects, optimizing system apps one by one, the background memory usage decreased by an average of 35%, and the system application power consumption decreased by an average of 25%.

In addition, through a comprehensive uninstallable special item, apps that cannot uninstall desktop icons are minimized, comparable to iOS.

In addition, the MIUI light cone motion effect architecture has taken a higher level, building a dedicated thread for gestures, prioritizing the scheduling of gesture operations, and speeding response.

The light cone architecture has upgraded computing power, 20 times the rendering power, optimized effect classification, and smartphones with different configurations are smoother.

The new MIUI 12.5 also adds a new super wallpaper, Snow Mountain, this feature is taken from the main peak of Siguniang Mountain in Sichuan, real-time rendering of 24 hours of light and shadow and cloud changes, each time you unlock, you can see the different beauty of Siguniang Mountain.

MIUI snow mountain wallpaper
Other locations for the new super wallpaper are: Shipwreck Bay in Greece and Blade's Edge Mountain in Italy.

MIUI 12.5 adds natural notification sounds, co-created with global sound artists. These sounds bring the four major habitats of South American rainforest, Australia, East African grassland, and the Arctic Circle.

There are more than 120 sounds of global creatures for you to mix and match. Added new system sound effects derived from natural elements, stereo surround sound field, and give full play to the characteristics of dual speakers.

In addition, the system touch of MIUI 12.5 has also changed, and the natural touch makes the mobile phone experience more perfect. MIUI natural touch, presents real touch on the smartphone, refines the feedback characteristics in reality, and presents natural touch with fine vibration.

Also, the MIUI 12.5 system brings better security performance for everyone. In order to access sensitive private information, applications need to apply for additional access.

Finally, the new features of MIUI 12.5 are introduced. MIUI 12.5's notes are upgraded to MIUI notes, new thinking notes, easy writing, convenient management, free drag and drop.

It is a structured writing tool on mobile phones. It can also generate a brain map with one click. It also adds a graffiti function for careful adjustment. Four brushes, delicately restore the real strokes.

In addition, MIUI’s first “cross-border” work has made its debut, thanks to innovative technology, which has brought tremendous progress to the collaboration between smartphones and laptops.


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