Zoom has been known as the preeminent online meeting service, but according to recent news, Zoom is reportedly planning to launch its own email and calendar service.

These services will work in tandem with the video conferencing application so users can keep track of everything in one overview interface. More importantly, this will be Zoom's first move against Microsoft and Google products and services.

There are also rumors that Zoom is planning to buy Dropbox and Smartsheets. Statements are based on predictions from RBC Capital Markets when talking about Zoom's future.

According to reports, Zoom is likely to buy Dropbox and Smartsheets to create a more centralized platform for enterprise-level collaboration. Besides, it will drive more revenue than a service company.

This is because Zoom can build a platform capable of coordinating the best of services for a multi-function business .

Currently, Zoom is limiting its service to video calling for online meetings and is still successful in terms of revenue. However, users have to depend on Microsoft and Google services to get their work done.

Understanding this, Zoom introduces richer integration options to assert its existence.

Even then, if Zoom can build a network of tools for work collaboration for file sharing, editing, team interaction, and email communication, users will become more productive, thereby bringing good outcomes.

Zoom declined to comment on these speculations. Even so, considering the popularity and revenue Zoom has achieved over the past year, it is clear the company will expand its influence.


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