Recently, it was reported that Apple started developing a foldable screen smartphone.

According to Bloomberg, the workflow remains at the stage of creating displays, and Apple does not yet have a prototype of a folding iPhone.

The company has not decided on the size of the folding screen. "We are considering, in particular, a variant of the display with a diagonal of 6.7 inches (about 17 cm), like the iPhone 12 Pro Max," reveals the company.

Most of the screens Apple tests have an invisible folding hinge, which means the screen becomes solid when you open the phone.

Samsung's foldable smartphones, for example, are designed in the same way - unlike Microsoft's counterparts, in which visible hinges connect two separate panels.

As noted by Bloomberg, the folding iPhone is likely to appear not soon, or may not appear at all. Apple is now focused on the upcoming release of its new flagship iPhone and iPad later this year.

The coronavirus pandemic has made product development challenging as the company's engineers work in Silicon Valley offices only a few days a week and in limited numbers.


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