Apple requires macOS apps with the same name as a drug to be renamed or they will be delisted
Recently, Apple requested a macOS application to be removed from the Mac App Store on the grounds that it violated its App Store guidelines. This app is Amphetamine launched in 2014, with the same name as a well-known drug.

According to the developer, although Amphetamine has been included by Apple in the past, Apple has now sent a letter informing it to remove it.

Amphetamine is an application used to keep Mac computers "awake" and prevent macOS from going to sleep. This application has existed in the Mac App Store for 6 years, and no problems have been pointed out before.

Amphetamine has achieved more than 432,800 downloads, more than 1,400 reviews and 4.8 points (out of 5) in the Mac App Store in the United States.

Now, Apple believes that the app "seems to promote the improper use of controlled substances." Specifically, the application name and icon include references to controlled substances and pills.

According to regulations, applications that encourage the consumption of tobacco or e-cigarette products, illegal drugs or excessive alcohol are not allowed to appear on the App Store.

Applications that encourage minors to consume these substances will be rejected; and also apps that provide convenience for the sale of marijuana, tobacco or controlled substances (except for licensed pharmacies) is not allowed.

Apple said that unless the application is modified, it will be delisted on January 12. However, the developers of Amphetamine do not want to rebrand. The developer has filed an appeal to Apple, but does not think that "Apple will change according to its own appeal."

If Apple maintains the original judgment, the developer will still be committed to rebranding the application to return to the Mac App Store as soon as possible.

But all in all, case seems to be settled, and Amphetamine macOS app will still remain on the Mac App Store.



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