Durov, creator of Telegram messenger, saw danger in Apple and urged netizens to switch to Android
The creator of Telegram messenger, Pavel Durov, saw the danger in the fact that Apple and Google blocked the Parler app, popular among supporters of US President Donald Trump.

According to him, such actions of IT giants are much more dangerous for freedom of speech than censorship in social networks. Durov shared his opinion on the Telegram channel.

According to Durov, there is no guarantee that this will not happen with Telegram.

“Apple is the more dangerous of the two [operating systems] because it can completely restrict access to the applications you use. On Android, you can install your own applications in the form of an APK (a format that allows you to install and open an application without downloading it from the official store," explained the creator of the messenger.

He also called for the use of Android instead of iOS to maintain free access to the flow of information. As the head of Telegram noted, his company is currently developing a multifunctional web application that runs in the Safari browser.

Earlier, Google and Apple removed the Parler app from stores, which, according to the IT giants, had incitement to violence. The services said they would return the application to their sites if its management changes the moderation rules.


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