WhatsApp Answers Questions Regarding Privacy Policy, Says Private Messages are Still safe and Protected
WhatsApp has finally responded to the backlash it's receiving over the last 5 days. Ever since Facebook-owned WhatsApp began pushing users to just accept its new privacy policy, the entire world is criticizing WhatsApp.

Replying to the considerations it obtained, WhatsApp stated the private messages are still protected here. WhatsApp additionally cleared that the policy update doesn't have an effect on the privacy of user chats with buddies or family in any approach. As an alternative, the brand new privacy is more about the changes related to messaging an enterprise on WhatsApp, which is non-compulsory.

It additionally added that the new policy is all about WhatsApp being ‘transparent’ about how the information is collected and used.

WhatsApp Clears User Issues Related to New Privacy Policy

Within the long FAQ post, WhatsApp reaffirmed that it couldn't see the private chats or hear voice calls of the users. “Neither WhatsApp nor Facebook can get and read your messages or hear your voice or video calls with your pals, household, and co-workers on WhatsApp,” mentioned WhatsApp.

That is because of the end-to-end encryption that’s been in place for years now. WhatsApp additionally acknowledged it would never weaken the security and labels every chat to show its commitment in direction of privateness. Furthermore, WhatsApp is not going to keep the logs of user chats or voice calls.

One of the major concerns for WhatsApp users was contact sharing with WhatsApp owner Facebook. Replying to this concern, WhatsApp mentioned it would not share contacts with Facebook or any of its platforms.

However, WhatsApp will access the phone numbers from the address book to make messaging fast and reliable. Lastly, WhatsApp mentioned that ‘WhatsApp Groups‘ will stay private and the data is not going to be shared with Fb for advertisements purpose. Again, these private chats are end-to-end encrypted so WhatsApp or Fb can’t see the content.

WhatsApp Says the New Privacy Policy Solely Impacts Business, Users

In the identical FAQ submit, WhatsApp confirmed that Fb would host its business services going forward. WhatsApp believes that messaging with businesses is completely different than messaging with family or friends.

As WhatsApp expands its enterprise service, giant companies might require its hosting services to manage communication. This is the reason the corporate is giving the option for such businesses to make use of safe hosting services from Fb to manage WhatsApp chats with their clients, answer questions, and send helpful data like buy receipts.

WhatsApp says if a consumer communicates with a business by telephone, email, or WhatsApp, it can see what a consumer is saying and may use that information for its personal advertising and marketing purposes, together with promoting on Facebook. To ensure the user is knowledgeable, WhatsApp clearly labels conversations with businesses that are selecting to make use of hosting services from Facebook.

WhatsApp confirmed that such options are optional and when a consumer uses them, it will notify the app on how the data is being shared with Fb.

Moving on, WhatsApp talked about new commerce features. With Facebook-brand commerce options like Shops, some businesses will show their items right within WhatsApp so individuals can see what’s in the stores. 

If you select to interact with Retailers, the buying activity can be utilized to personalize your Shops experience and the ads you see on Instagram and Facebook.


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