It was reported that Apple had increased the number of test drivers for its self-driving cars to 137. These drivers mainly help Apple test autonomous driving technology on the road and collect data.

According to data from the California Department of Motor Vehicles (CDMV), the number of drivers currently testing Apple's self-driving cars has increased by 23, bringing the total number of drivers to 137. In comparison, the number in September was 114 , while in August and May there were 92 and 76 people, respectively.

Although the number of drivers has increased, the number of vehicles Apple used for testing has remained the same at 69. In contrast, companies such as Mercedes-Benz, Waymo, General Motors Cruise, Zoox, and Pony have all added more vehicles to their self-driving fleet.

In addition, although the number of test drivers for Apple has increased to 137 this time, it still lags far behind other companies. For example, Cruise has 992 (driver licenses), Waymo has 1,628, and Zoox has 315.

The latest data also shows that Apple has not yet applied for a driverless vehicle license. Among other companies, Cruise's driverless fleet has increased from 5 to 20, and Waymo still leads with 34 licenses.

Data on collisions with autonomous vehicles shows that Apple has added another to its record, with a total of 6 collisions.

Currently, the industry generally believes that Apple is developing its own autonomous driving system to prepare for the future "Apple Car" Apple Car.

As early as 2014, it was reported that Apple assembled more than 1,000 employees to secretly develop electric vehicles. There were reports in December last year that Apple is advancing self-driving car technology, with the goal of launching a passenger car that may include its own breakthrough battery technology as early as 2024.


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