8 new keyboard shortcuts on Windows 11 everyone should know || Windows 11 Shortcut Keys 2021 || Shortcut key to open "Snap" function on windows 11
Shortcuts are "treasures" that help you save a lot of time in the process of using the computer. Instead of dragging your mouse around the screen and clicking through a series of menus or dragging windows back and forth, you can quickly achieve your goals in a much more professional manner.

And on the newly released Windows 11, Microsoft not only brought all the familiar shortcuts back, but they also added a series of brand new shortcuts.

Specifically, these new shortcuts will give you instant access to many features only Windows 11 possesses, such as widgets. But the most prominent, and perhaps the most handy, is the shortcut that opens the Snap function for you to choose from one of six layouts that arrange the application windows side by side.

Snap on Windows 11 is a worthwhile upgrade from Windows 10, which requires users to install the PowerToys tool and tinker with setting window layouts in its FancyZones section (on Windows 11, you still need to install PowerToys additionally. if you want to customize the available layouts). Not to mention, Windows 11 by default gives you up to 6 different layout templates ( picture below ).

Besides Snap, you will have two more default keyboard shortcuts to quickly arrange windows as you like. In addition to using the Windows key + left/right arrows to place the window to the left/right of the screen , you can also place it on the top or bottom half of the screen.

A note for fans of keyboard shortcuts on Windows 10: some shortcuts on Windows 11 use the same key phrase, but give different results than the previous operating system version. For example, Windows + Z to open the Snap feature , or Windows + C to open the Chat feature in the Microsoft Teams app.

Some new keyboard shortcuts on Windows 11:

  • Windows + W: opens Widgets
  • Windows + Alt + up arrow : bring the currently used window to the top half of the screen.
  • Windows + Alt + down arrow : bring the currently used window to the bottom half of the screen
  • Windows + Ctrl + C : enable color filtering (you need to enable this shortcut first in Color Filter settings)
The Windows 11 interface also has many changes, so the shortcuts to access certain elements of the interface also change.

For example, the items that used to be centered in Windows 10's Action Center are now divided and placed in different sections on Windows 11. Quick Settings buttons are in a separate area, while notifications located in a different area with the calendar.

You can use the keyboard shortcut Windows + A to open Quick Settings, and Windows + N to open the Notification Center and Calendar.


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