SAIC General Motors brand Cadillac announced today that its first pure electric mid-to-large SUV model Cadillac LYRIQ will be released online at 19:17 on November 17, and LYRIQ will be announced in China that night. Information on pre-sale prices and related rights and interests in the region.

AndroBliz learned from Cadillac's official website that Cadillac LYRIQ is the first model since SAIC General Motors introduced the Ultium pure electric platform, and it is also the first model of Cadillac's pure electric era.

Cadillac's official website stated that the LYRIQ is 5003mm x 1978mm x 1635mm in three dimensions, with a wheelbase of 3094mm, making it a medium and large SUV.

Cadillac stated that LYRIQ has deduced its brand's design philosophy of "art and technology", bringing consumers a new sensory experience with a sense of future.

In terms of appearance, the car adopts the latest design style of the Cadillac family. The front air intake grille also incorporates LED light strips while retaining the family-style design. It is worth mentioning that the internal LED light strip will light up as soon as the vehicle starts.

In terms of interior, the car uses a 33-inch ring-type retina screen. The official claims that its screen is 9k resolution, supports touch, and is equipped with 1 billion colors, which can provide users with realistic pictures.

At the same time, the vehicle is equipped with 8155 chip and supports Super Cruise super intelligent driving assistance system, which can bring users a more intelligent and safe experience.

Finally, in terms of vehicle battery life, Cadillac said that thanks to the new Ultium pure electric platform, LYRIQ's CLTC cruising range can exceed 650 kilometers, and it supports fast charging. It can drive 96km in 10 minutes.

Cadillac LYRIQ will be released online and pre-sale in China on November 17th. Pre-sale has been opened in North America before. The pre-sale price starts at US$58,795.


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