Samsung is the leader in the folding smartphone market. The Korean giant has pioneered this category with 2 representatives, Galaxy Fold and Galaxy Z Flip.

Now, Samsung is achieving a resounding success with the newly launched Galaxy Z Fold3 and Galaxy Z Flip3 generations.

It seems that Samsung is setting loftier goals for 2022 when The Elec (Korea) newspaper revealed that this smartphone maker is aiming to ramp up production of folding devices in 2022.

More specifically, citing the internal shipping plan in 2022, The Elec said that Samsung seems to have planned to produce 2.9 million Galaxy Z Fold4 units and 6.9 million Galaxy Z Flip4 units from the third quarter of 2022. Samsung's total production of foldable devices is expected to be 9.8 million units.

Previously, The Elec confirmed that Samsung has set a target to ship 6-7 million foldable devices this year. Many believe, 2.5 - 3 million of these devices are for Z Fold3, while the remaining 3.5 - 4 million are for Z Flip3.

In other words, total production in 2022 will be significantly higher, about one and a half times higher than in 2021 if these figures are indeed accurate.

Interestingly, however, this increase seems to be only for the Galaxy Z Flip4 model, with the number expected for 2022 almost double than that of this year's Z Flip3.

The Elec also stated that the total number of folding phones that Samsung has shipped in 2020 reached 2.5 million devices, equivalent to 60% of the original target, which touched 4.5 - 5 million devices.

Therefore, there is still a possibility that the actual number of devices shipped in 2022 will not be able to reach the original expected level.

Another interesting statement from this source is that the Galaxy S22 FE will also go into mass production from the third quarter of 2022 and be released in the same quarter.

The source said that Samsung aims to ship 5.7 million Galaxy S22 FE units. Either way, hopefully this low-cost device will be released on time and not be hit hard by the global chip shortage.


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