Xiaomi introduces a new cooling technology that is twice as effective as vapor chamber heat dissipation for smartphones
Every high-end smartphone today is equipped with a powerful internal configuration to deliver the ability to handle all heavy and intensive tasks, such as gaming. With performance improvements, smartphone manufacturers also need to pay more attention to heat dissipation to ensure the smoothest possible experience.

To solve that, Xiaomi recently introduced a new heat dissipation technology, called Loop LiquidCool Technology. The smartphone company from China confirmed that this technology was inspired by cooling solutions applied in the aerospace industry.

Loop LiquidCool Technology uses a capillary effect to bring the liquid coolant into the heat source, evaporate, and then effectively disperse the heat to a cooler area, until it condenses. , and they will be retained through a one-way closed loop.

This new heatsink technology features a ring heatpipe system, consisting of an evaporator, a condenser, a refill chamber as well as air and liquid ducts. The evaporator will be located right at the heat source and contains a cooler to help the heat sink evaporate into a gas in case the smartphone loads heavy tasks.

That gas is then diffused to the condenser to once again change from gas to liquid. These liquids are absorbed and collected through filaments in the refill chamber, which refills the evaporator, making it a self-sustaining system.

Conventional vapor chamber (VC) cooling systems do not have separate channels for gas and liquid, causing hot gas and cooling liquid to mix and interfere with each other. The ring pump assembly has a special air duct design, which greatly reduces airflow resistance by 30% and increases heat transfer by up to 100%.

This system is also supplemented with a Tesla valve. This is a one-way valve that allows liquid to pass through the evaporator chamber, while preventing gas from moving in the wrong direction. This makes air-liquid circulation throughout the system more efficient.

Xiaomi claims this technology will provide twice the cooling capacity of conventional vapor chamber solutions. Xiaomi aims to apply Loop LiquidCool Technology to its products in the second half of next year.


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