Recently, according to Liliputing, MediaTek has demonstrated the power of Wi-Fi 7 hardware to many customers and industry partners. Also known as 802.11be Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi 7 is in the final stages of development, and MediaTek says the first Wi-Fi 7 products are expected to launch in 2023.

Wi-Fi Alliance says that Wi-Fi 7 will support a maximum throughput of 30 Gbps or more - a big step up from the peak speeds of 9.6 Gbps available with Wi-Fi 6.

It is reported that MediaTek's Wi-Fi 7 Filogic uses "multi-link operation (MLO) technology to aggregate multiple channels on different frequency bands simultaneously to deliver improved performance even in the presence of interference or congestion." congestion on one or more network bands.

Other improvements expected in the future include support for 320 MHz channels, 4K-QAM support, and reduced latency. Overall, Wi-Fi 7 will increase data transfer speeds by 2.4 times compared to Wi-Fi 6.

But even if Wi-Fi 7 is adopted quickly, with the first devices to support the technology appearing next year, it will still be several years before Wi-Fi 7 is widely available.

The arrival of Wi-Fi 7 is said to be necessary to meet the increasing needs of more and more internet-connected devices, the growth of 4K (even 8K) video streaming, streaming games and smart home technology.


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