Japanese telecommunications giant NTT: plans to release 6G technology at the Osaka Expo in 2025
According to Nikkei News, Japanese telecommunications giant NTT Western Corporation President Matsuya Kobayashi said that NTT Corporation plans to release the experimental 6G network currently under development at the 2025 Osaka World Expo.

It is reported that NTT has begun to design the infrastructure of the 6G network, and the details will be determined in the next fiscal year.

AndroBliz learned that NTT will acquire Fujitsu's low-power technology business in April this year, and 6G research and development work is in full swing.

NTT believes that optical communication technology IOWN is a key technology necessary for the development of 6G.

It is reported that NTT claims that the IOWN technology is expected to expand the transmission capacity of optical communication networks by 125 times, reduce end-to-end delay to the current 0.5%, and is expected to reduce energy consumption to one percent of the current one.


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