Suggested name for Android 13 || What name is Android 13 called? || Android 13 is called "Tiramisu" - a coffee-flavored dessert cake from Italy...
As previously reported by AndroBliz, Google has released the first Android 13 developer beta for the Pixel smartphones. This update also reveals that Google has named Android 13 "Tiramisu" - a perfect dessert originating from Italy.

Android is the largest operating system in the world, powering over 2.5 billion mobile devices worldwide and releasing new updates every year with improvements over previous versions.

With the first Developer Preview program of Android 13 newly launched by Google, app developers will receive more support, and add many improvements in privacy, Material You, language control, etc..

Leaving aside the new points in the preview for a while, this article will discuss how Google named this big update.

In fact, Google has dropped the naming of the operating system version after a dessert since Android 10 version, but it has always tacitly named it this way. For example, Android 10 is Queen Cake (Q), Android 11 is Red Velvet Cake (R) and Android 12 is Snow Cone (S).

Android 13's turn, in alphabetical order, this year will be the letter "T". Google still keeps the same old naming rules and this year the 13th generation "dessert" is called Tiramisu - a dessert cake from Italy including Savoiardi biscuits, alternating with the bitter taste of coffee, add a little cocoa and sweetness from the egg, sugar and whipped mascarpone cheese mixture.

Although the naming of desserts starting with letters in the Android alphabet is no longer official, only for internal purposes, but this is an interesting, close and always-receiving way to call it. user interest. The name "Tiramisu" is still sweeter than many dry Android 13 names, right?


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